Dr Wong Chya Wei 黄乔伟

Specialty: Orthopaedic & Spine Surgery

Languages: Malay, English, Chinese

603-084 - 329900 Ext: 501
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Sibu Specialist Medical Centre No 52A-G, Brooke Drive 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, East Malaysia.

About Dr Wong Chya Wei 黄乔伟

Biographical Sketch:

Dr Wong Chya Wei was born and brought up in Sibu, Sarawak.  He underwent his secondary school education locally and went for further studies in England in 1982.  He graduated from University of Nottingham with his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 1990.  After graduation, he underwent further surgical training in various locations in United Kingdom, including Cambridge University, Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre and the Cardiff Surgical Rotation, where he obtained his FRCS from the Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh in 1994.  He continued with his training as a Registrar in Orthopaedic and Trauma at Cardiff Royal Infirmary and returned back to Malaysia in 1996.

He was posted to Ipoh Hospital upon his return and was transferred back to his hometown in 1997 and has remained there since.  He was with the Ministry of Health for 7 years and was the Head of Orthopaedic Department during that period.

He started a private medical centre in Sibu with a group of doctors in 2003 and had been the resident orthopaedic and trauma surgeon since.  He was appointed as the Medical Director for KPJ Sibu Specialist Medical Centre since 2011.

His field of specialty includes general orthopaedics, trauma and joint replacement surgeries.

He has been active in research and teaching and has published papers on several topics, including diabetic peripheral neuropathy, tendons injury, osteoporosis etc.  He was a part-time lecturer in orthopaedic in UNIMAS and currently holds the post of Clinical Associate Professor in Orthopaedic at SEGi University Sibu Clinical Campus.  He is actively involved in teaching of AO Principles to fellow orthopaedic colleagues. 

黄乔伟医生出生并成长在诗巫。他毕业以敦化中学, 并在1982年前往英国深造。他于1990年毕业于诺丁汉大学,获得他的基本医学内外科学士。毕业后,他留在英国接受进一步的医学训练,包括剑桥大学,诺丁汉大学及加的夫等著名医院的外科手术系。 在1994年,他获得了英国爱丁堡皇家外科学院的院士文凭, 并继续在加的夫皇家医院的骨科和创伤部门进行外科培训, 至倒1996年回到马来西亚。 

回国後,他被派往怡保医院服务。 他在1997年被调回诗巫医院 , 并在那里服务了7年。 在那段期间,他担任了骨科系主任,并引进许多的新科技,把当地的骨科及外创伤治疗法提升许多。他是第一位骨科医生在诗巫进行关节置换手术。 

 在2003年底,他和一批医生们在诗巫设立了一间私营医疗中心, 并成为该中心的驻院骨科矫形和创伤外科医生至今。在2011年,柔佛保健集团收购之后,他被委任为该中心的医务董事。 


他一直活跃在科研和教学 , 并发表了若干专题论文,其中包括糖尿病周围神经,肌腱损伤,骨质疏松等。他曾经是砂大医学院的骨科兼职讲师 ,也是现任世纪大学(SEGi University)骨科临床副教授。他积极参与了骨科政务原则教学研究, 也同时担任教学讲师。

Education and Fellowship:

B.Med.Sci. (Hon) – Upper Second Class (Nottm, UK) July 1987

BM BS (Nottm, UK) July 1990

FRCS (Edinburgh, UK) Dec 1994

Pakar Ortopedik Gazettement (Ministry of Health Malaysia) Dec 1997

A.M.M. (Academic of Medicine Malaysia) Aug 2001

National Specialist Registry, Malaysia Aug 2005

FRSM (Royal Society of Medicine UK) Mar 2011

MFSTEd (Edinburgh, UK) 2012

Specialty Interests:

General trauma

Total knee replacement

Total hip replacement

Hand tendons reconstruction

Research and Publications:

Abnormalities of foot and finger blood flow in-patients with neuropathic foot ulcer.

Diabetologia 31(7), July 1988, 498A-499A


The Dissecting Room – Students’ Attitudes.

Clinical Anatomy, Vol 6, Part 4, June 1993


Dynamic Traction and Passive Mobilization for the Rehabilitation of Zone II Flexor Tendon Injuries: A Modified Regime

The Medical Journal of Malaysia Ortho Supp Vol 60  Supp C, July 2005



Knee replacement, orthopaedic, Sibu

Duplicate thumb, children, orthopaedic, Sibu