About Us

Introduction to Sibu Specialist Hospital

Sibu Specialist Medical Centre is a private medical facility located in the heart of Sibu. The 21st Network Hospital under the flagship of KPJ Healthcare Berhad is ready to serve you better.

Sibu Specialist is among the "Preferred Healthcare Providers" in the state of Sarawak and aims to deliver quality healthcare services to cater to our customers' needs, comfort and convenience.


The Preferred Provider Of Healthcare Services


Deliver Quality Healthcare Services To Our Customers.

Core Values

- Safety
- Courtesy
- Integrity
- Professionalism
- Continuous Improvement

The Patient's Charter

Our service is designed to meet your healthcare needs. As soon as you become our patients, you have the following rights.


You have the right to:
- Be treated with dignity and consideration by others.
- Expect privacy and confidentiality.
- Competent and safe healthcare which is appropriate for your condition or illness.
- Be given all information about the service, the treatment options which are available in a language / format you can understand.
- Be involved in decision making and consent to treatment in your health care.
- Express opinion and give suggestions or comments on the care / service provided.
- Consent to, or refuse treatment.
- Be given information about diagnostic test and have the results explained to you.
- Know the uses and the anticipated effects of the drugs you are being given.
- To redress of grievances.
- Have the continuity of care including planning of your healthcare before discharge.